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Posts from ‘March, 2011’

Real Pikachu Voice Actress Ikue Otani with Subtitles

Make sure you smoke something intoxicating and illegal before watching this one.

Tampon Eating

If one of your talents is to eat 3 tampons in under a minute then you should really consider going on one of those reality talent shows. Imagine this guy performing at the Royal Variety Performance in front of Queen Elizabeth II.

Super Slow-Motion Motion

Your first thoughts will be why are these mime artists moving so slowly, have they slipped through a temporal wormhole into another reality where time…ticks…really…slowly? But there’s reason behind their snail-like incremental movements—and it’s not just to freak stoners out. It’s so you get to watch the world whizzing past them, a bit like Neo […]

2747 Toothpicks in My Beard

When the sun goes red dwarf finally exploding in a fiery cosmic spew of super nebula, what will humanity’s legacy be? Probably some charred hunks of rock floating in the cold emptiness of a dying universe. But, when the cosmic overlords look back on humankind’s achievements, this will be remembered as one of the highest […]

Navi’s Song (Hey, Listen!)

Navi, a trusted fairy comrade of Link, gone on many an adventure with him. Floating by his side, fighting with him , they become an unstoppable heroic team. But, secretly, she’s been wanting a little more than epic battles. She’s wanted to have a bit of Link’s purple-headed weapon.

Cat vs. Snake

You can’t really beat interspecies fighting. Seeing the variety of animals on this earth pitted against one another in the art of combat, especially when one of those animals is a famous cat from a cartoon strip. Go Garfield!

Dorkly Bits: Mortal Kombat Pervert

So why does Smoke hide behind those trees? Well, it’s so he can perv on the hot babes fighting in their skimpy clothes. Fappity fap fap fap fap.

Johnny Cash – Hurt Behind The Scenes

Remember when Johnny Cash covered NIN’s “Hurt”? Oh man and the video. With the poignancy and the pain and, you know, all the hurt and stuff. Wow, it was like deeper than that place in the ocean that has all those ugly fish with hooks hanging off their head.

Never Gonna Give Trolling Up…

Behold a master troll at work in their natural environment. Witness how he expertly lures them in while all the time setting the scene for his trollsome act. Fear him. Worship him. Troll him at your peril.

Carl Sagan: To The Sky

Ah, the sage-like voice of Carl “Omniscient” Sagan. It’s like if the universe could speak in the English language, this is what it would sound like.

They’re Raving, They’re Raving

Get the white gloves on, get the whistle out and throw those hands in the air. Oh and of course don’t forget to neck about 50 pills so your eyes bulge to the size of black holes and form an even horizon so if anyone gets too close they’ll suddenly start rushing. Apart from that […]

Chatroulette Love Song

Wow, Chatroulette’s still going, huh? And it looks like all those naked dicks have learned how to play the guitar and serenade the ladies. Some good skills.

How to Hack Video Screens on Times Square

This one does what it says in the title. And the guy presenting it is a bit like Data from The Goonies (except less excitable), which makes it infinitely more watchable. So get hacking already.

Seal Screaming like a Man

Earthquakes, tsunamis and possible nuclear meltdown in Japan, revolution sweeping the Middle East, and now a seal crying out like human. Time to barricade yourself in the bunker. The zombie apocalypse is imminent.

Wife of a Farmer

The recession can be tough on rural communities. The farmers especially. Lots of them are out of work and desperate for any kind of job. Which is why this farmer’s son shouldn’t be so upset that he’s become a human trough at the whim of a naked seductress.

How To Snakes

Snakes. Slithering, slimy, er, snaky. If it eats its own tail then that is one self-aware snake. Otherwise they’re just pretty badass, like dragons who’ve had their legs chopped off and their wings clipped for being too cool. That’s the scientific definition anyway.

Pastor Ultimate Fight

This pastor knows how to kick some congregational butt! Look at him, laying down his sheep with the mastery of a seasoned Ryu. Forget about healing people, this guy kicks ass for the Lord.

Fat Filipino Claims It’s a Wonderful World

A fat Polish Filipino doing a spot on Louis Armstrong impression can only mean one thing: Reality has crumbled and we are now living in the refracted hallucination of a dying goose.

Robot That’s All Too Human

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that this robot is freakishly lifelike, thus signalling the technological singularity and possible end of humankind. Or that the destroyers of humanity will be sporting a goatee. Ugh.

Agent Domo

At the hinterland of reality exists a world where fictional individualistic AI agents meet Japanese television mascots. This is that world.