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Posts from ‘February, 2011’

Perverts On The Internet – Episode 1

Who knew there were perverts on the internet? Cats, sure. But perverts? Ah well, if they’re all like this Kunt then they seem like a charming bunch. Let’s hope he makes it to the Royal Variety Performance.

Egg Yolk Kissing

There’s nothing sexier than a raw egg yolk. The embryonic, slimy texture plus the fear of salmonella is a real turn on. No?


Windows Operating System, we need to go deeper, deeper. DEEPER! Oh, blue screen of deepness. Time to get a Mac.


Hey. This is Jack and he’s hey. So heyo. And heya. And hay.

Agencia Loco

Some great subtitle work going on here. Making about as much sense as a yodelling porpoise, but still, hitting some comedic heights in its absurdity. Watch it while as high as the moon. And the lesson we can all learn: beware of those dastardly freelance copywriters.

The Exorcist in 60 seconds. With Clay.

As well as using the clay and everything, they’ve also updated some of the dialogue to include contemporary supermarkets. Which is a nice touch. I like the bit where she pukes clay.

Woman Not Happy About People Of Walmart

What has the world come to when a fat pale hick isn’t allowed to wobble their dimple-ridden hide around Walmart to shop for trans-fat chow without the fear of ending up as an object of ridicule on some prankster’s website? Won’t somebody please think of the white trash.

Darth Vader Does Bieber

Darth Vader (well his voice at least) reads a verse from the Justin Bieber abomination “Baby, Baby, Baby”. Which is fine, just as long as when he sees him he does the throat choke thing on him before slicing him in two with a lightsaber.

A Sequence of Lines Traced by Five Hundred Individuals

A bunch of people tracing a line drawn by another person. Or what I like to call art. That’s A-R-T.

Spike Can Dance – Self Defense Dance

Do you have problems with sexual predators, longing to consume your lithe, lustful body? Then you must watch Spike’s video, where he performs his magic dance that can ward off those degenerate perverts.

Funny Weird Old Fucked Up Dude

This guy’s a role model to us all. Muttering about fried pig pussy with wild white hair, then posting footage of his insane ravings acting like everyone’s favourite perverted uncle up on YouTube for us all to see. Watch and learn.

Bob Dylan’s “No Direction Period” (un-cut)

Bob Dylan didn’t just write a lot of songs, Bob Dylan is song. He’s a living embodiment of music, without him there would be no sound. Nothing.

Gingerdead Man

If there’s one underexposed area of the slasher genre, it’s murderous, rampaging baked products. But this film’s looking to change all that. And as if psycho cookies isn’t amazing enough the film also stars Gary Busey. That’s right. It just got real.

Space Unicorn – Parry Gripp

This little unicorn is the fastest rainbow deliverer in the west. Don’t get your fantasies delivered by anyone else, he’s the best. He’ll throw in some dream dust and hope biscuits as well if you ask nicely. He also shits fairies. Amazing.

Monkey Dust: Clive

If you’ve been feeling depressed, then prepare to feel even worse, with this bleak but brilliant piece of animated fried gold. What’s the point, huh? The point is that no matter how bad it gets, there’s always Clive. Meg Lol.

Turn Your VCR into Cash!

Let’s all get rich selling our VCRs! Woohoo! Have we got to a point where VCRs are so old now they’ve become antiques worth loads of cash, like some relic from a forgotten age? It’s highly doubtful.

Hey Doc

There’s a lesson to be learned here, and that lesson is beware laboratories and men in white coats.

Non-Blinking Michael Caine

Mr Caine, not only is his going to blow those bloody doors off cos she was only 15 years old. But now he’s not going to blink for 570 minutes. Crikey! What are you going to do if he doesn’t blink and he just keeps on going? If he doesn’t blink and he just keeps […]

What is Reality?

Well, do you know what it is? Do YOU!? Is it a mathematical code underlying the very fabric of existence, or a holographic projection of information that resides at the edge of the universe? Watch this and be none the wiser, but wiser. Somehow.

Crime Cops

You know those forensic crime scene shows. You know the ones, the shit ones with film actors earning an easy buck. Well, after watching this you’ll never be able watch one again. Which you’ll have this funny sketch to thank for.

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