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Posts from ‘January, 2011’

Today Show January 1994…What is the Internet?!

This is as bad as seeing a high-speed train whizz past you and for you to then point excitedly at it and remark, ‘Look everybody, the INTERNET!”

Mentos and Coca-Cola Experiment

Remember the old urban myth about what happens if you swallow a Mentos mint and then drink coca-cola? Well, here is final proof of how dangerous that is. Also kids, if you swallow chewing gum it’ll end up wrapped around your lower intestine and you’ll die.

Space Hoppers in Venice

When I go on holiday, my holiday snaps are usually blurred, sun-spotted, ill-lit images of sitting at a bar, or out of focus landmarks taken from the same angle you see it in every postcard. This video brings shame on us all.

Dante’s Inferno: The Short Version

Don’t fancy reading the first part of Dante’s 14th century epic poem Divine Comedy. Fair enough, you’ve got better things to do like play Farmville, right? Course, course. Don’t worry, the internet’s come through yet again and provided us all with an abridged version. With funny drawings. Yay!

Morbid Curiosity Leading Many Voters To Support Palin

It gets us all in the end. First it came for our pets, and we stood aside and watched. Then it came for our children and we let it consume them. Now it’s come for our voters. To the battle stations!!

Wanna Play a Game?

Jules and Vincent should never, ever get into a staring competition. They’re lucky the world didn’t eat itself.

3D with No Glasses

What is this, some form of witchcraft? Otherwise why would you not need glasses, it’s not like our world is in 3D or anything. No wait, hang on…

Mike Hunt’s in Luck

Trolling a 48 year old pedo is the epitome of online activity, at least it was 10 years ago. But now it’s all about trolling the US government by releasing shit loads of their diplomatic cables where they make acute and funny observations about world leaders. But I digress.

Dream Casserole

We need to go deeper. The casserole dish needs to be deeper, the imaginings of a life never lived are spilling out the sides…

Uranus Self Anal Massage for Men

Ewww. After watching this guy you’ll feel like you need to clear your browser history and then dump your computer in a lake. Creepy barely describes the guy’s hair let alone what he talks about.

Palin’s Breath

And this, ladies, gentlemen, and Republicans, is what makes the internet so great. Sarah Palin’s “libel blood” speech, minus the speech, and just her breath instead.

Philip K. Dick’s New Head

Good news for lovers of autonomous dead sci-fi novelists, Mr Dick’s head has been rebuilt so his android self can live to freak us all out another day.

A Sofa Gives Birth to Danny DeVito

There’s nothing strange about that, right? It happens all the time round our house, we have about 50 little Dannys running around. Bless ’em.

My Best Friend’s Birthday

OK, so this is like half hour long, but so what, it’s Quentin Tarantino’s first movie. It has all the hallmarks that we’ve come to love or hate; the styles ripped from Scorsese and the French New Wave, and the goddamn muthafucking dialogue muthafucker.

Domino’s Pizza: Employee of the Decade

Termination? Surely this guy’s due a promotion. After all he’s Rick James, bitch.

World War II, Summarized with Memes

Let’s hope this gets taught in schools.

Ghostbusters Recut

This just goes to show, that Inception song can pretty much go with any film and turns even a light-hearted comedy about ghostbusters into an angsty, heart-palpitating piece of mind-mangling.

Historic Facebook Updates

As long as it’s teaching the kids that Columbus was discovered by America and Buzz Lightyear was the first man on Mars, then the social networking site is a force for good.

Joburg Jam

This is Pogo — the microsampling whizz who marries sound and vision and takes it for a honeymoon around your ears — remixing the world. His first stop is Johannesburg and this is what he makes of it. Can’t wait until he gets to Japan. Not quite your how you remix tentacle rape, but it […]

Late For Class

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you get to Mr Dunton’s math class, it just matters that you got there at all.