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Posts from ‘December, 2010’

Disney’s Man and the Moon Remix

Explain to me how this was not going to work. It’s got Disney, it’s got techno. Win-win all round methinks. Whoop. Whoop.

Troll a Work Colleague

It’s Christmas, you acted like a total douche-jerk at the party, but so what? Everyone did. But everyone didn’t get the photographic evidence put up on the office intranet. Time for some revenge.

A Charming Animation

A rather delightful animation from Rinat Timerkaev called ““Ya Lyublyu Tebya (I Love You)”, that gives a nod of affection to her home town of Yekaterinburg, Russia, through the lens of Hayao Miyazaki. It will bring a few moments of respite and joy to your cynical, hateful lives. ps. You don’t need to know what […]

The WikiLeaks Scandal: Abridged

In case you’ve been living inside a video-game fighting an evil incarnation of your dad, a little thing called the WikiLeaks cables have been exposing the corruption and inadequacies of the governments of the world. Here it is, kind of summed up in a comic.

Martha’s B-Day 10-09-1985

If you know the name Nicolas Gurewitch then you know The Perry Bible Fellowship. And if you know the The Perry Bible Fellowship then you’ll be glad that Nicolas Gurewitch has directed this short film. If you don’t, just watch it anyway.

Ted Is God

That is all.

The Return of Count Spirochete

OK, so the Navy Medical Center in the 1970s made this animation to teach its sailors about the venereal disease Syphilis. And what did it use to tell the tale? Why an undead vampire called Count Spirochete. Makes perfect sense.

Tinchy Stryder in the (Ware)house!

So, it now seems the iPad is the musical instrument du jour for the discerning pop star about town. And playing live? Forget using a stage, that was so 1998. Now it’s all about an impromptu gig at your local mobile phone retailer, preferably you have a friend who works there and can grant you […]

She Needs Dumbledore

There is a point at every party when the drunk crying girl in the bathroom, who’s had too much Sambuca and smoked one joint too many, needs to hear Dumbledore. And this is that point.

A Real Irishman Talks About The Irish Economy

This reporter should get a Pulitzer, he’s found a real Irishman to discuss the intricacies of what happened to the Irish economy. And basically the Irishman swears a lot, those fucking wanker bankers!! To be sure.

Chase & Status – “Blind Faith”

This’ll take you back to them good old days of raving in fields wearing baggy clothes, while gurning half your face off with some of your best mates: pills and spliffs. Basically there’s lots of people from the north of England swearing, dancing, and taking shit loads of drugs. Tune’s not bad either.

Game On

It’s good to see the the county of Leicestershire, UK using the medium of the kids to get the message of safe sex across. I mean, every kid knows that 8-bit gaming is the future. Game on, indeed.

“Carol Of The Belts” by Here Come The Mummies

Yes, it’s nearing the festive season of good will to yo momma. And you know what that means? Of course you do, we’ve been indoctrinated with it since year one. It means 4000 year Egyptian mummies with jingling fucking bells on their crotch playing “Carol Of The Bells”.

Insane Christian Crunk Video

I don’t remember the part in the bible about lazer dinosaurs and unicorns and seizure-inducing graphics, but then I skimmed most of the bible and went straight for the good stuff: Revelation. If I’d have know there was going to be a chapter on neon Christian rave kids pilled up on techno I’d’ve paid more […]

Meanwhile, On TV

And people think the internet’s crazy, by the looks of things it’s got a lot to learn. A lot to learn.

Cereal Box

You can keep your canon of English literature, your ancient epic poetry, I have my cereal box and it is a box turner.

The Titty Zombie

The rotting, flesh-eating undead are one thing, you know how to deal with them. Head shots all the way. But a decent pair of tits? Now there’s a dilemma, lifeless or not a good pair of tits is a good pair of tits. And all those lonely nights in an apocalyptic burnt out husk of […]

Kunt and the Gang – Use My Arsehole As A C*nt (The Nick Clegg Story)

Look away now if offensive language, well, offends you. It’s probably too late because you’ve read that title. Never mind. I’ll see you on the decaying urban streets, smashing up a Tesco shop front. Viva la revulsion!

He Is Not A Terrorist

Wow, this is deep. Who made this movie? The dead soul of Kierkegaard? I reckon. It’s just something to think about, yeah. Imma gonna have to go lie down, my brain hurts just thinking about the contentious issues this mock-classroom has raised. Profound.