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Posts from ‘November, 2010’

Christmas Tree Attacks Family

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the moment when it comes to decorating your home in the Christmas period. But did you know that 400 families get attacked by Christmas decorations every festive season. And that’s just in Wyoming.

Tons Of Science Pussy – Action Figure Therapy

Always, always, always trust a bald one-eyed Mad Scientist toy, especially on matters of getting some horizontal jogging action from the chicks. This guy sleeps on a bed made from naked women, he knows.

Billy Mays Grater Plater Dub

Grater + plate = fuck yeah.

Online Dater Beware

Never trust the internets, if that mega-babe you’ve been chatting to all week isn’t a dude who sleeps with dead animals, then it’s probably a fat chick with rolls of fat that would put Snorlax to shame. Note the cropping, study the cropping. Beware the cropping. OK, she looks pretty hot, what’s the biggie? She’s […]

Symphony of Science – A Wave of Reason

Science is cool, but auto-tuned science is infinitely cooler.

Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit

Who doesn’t want to see Nic Cage losing his shit. That’s what he does best, it’s why we all love the man. So here is a pure unadulterated four minutes of the guy, you guessed it, losing his shiz. A great way to start your day.

Jameson vs. Peter Parker

That J. Jonah Jameson, he’s a card isn’t he? It doesn’t matter what dubious comic line he crosses, whether that be dead fathers, a girlfriend with the same name as a drug, or wounded aunts, it’s all fair in love and pwning. Lol.

The Victim’s Body

So, if you want to know how to spot an evil Satanist, you probably don’t want to watch this video, because it’s just full of absolute crap. And to think this was issued by the federal government, that’s what’s really scary, not make-believe Satanists raping our cats.

“Above Everything Else” by Alex Roman

Trust nobody, what you see is no longer real. What you don’t see if no longer unreal. Up is down, left is down. Everything’s down. Mr Roman (no relation to the ancient empire) created this entire video using computer generated imagery, and lots of slow-mo. Because super slow-mo is so hot right now. Silestone — […]

Harry Potter and the X-Rated Trailer

Make with the lolz people as cut-up maverick Cassetteboy sinks his magnetic fangs into the latest Harry Botter and rips it a newbie making it a far more entertaining film in this short trailer than the entire lametard movie franchise in its entirety. Yeah, that’s right, Harry Potter sucks Voldemort’s hairy ass crack.

In The Game

You know when you’ve been playing a video-game for so long, like maybe five days straight, and then the real world begins to warp into the game. You think you need to shoot out every CCTV camera, or ram every car in front. Well, this guy has been playing way too much Mario 64. In […]

The Matrix’s Inception

Do you eat the blue pill, the red pill, or is that just a totem of someone else’s dream inside Pandora’s box trapped in a enigma? It Keanu a fabrication of Leonardo’s mental patient in Shutter Island? Will Leo play similar confused characters caught in a world that he thinks is real but might be […]

Millbank Wankers (by Dan Bull)

The student anarchists took to the streets this week in London, and fucked some shit up. While there’s cries of alarm and fury coming from the ruling elite, it was a show of anger that shook them up and made the world take notice. That’s not to say that these kids’ parents taxes won’t go […]

Heckler vs. Comedian Joe Klocek

Hmm, wonder who’s going to win this one? A professional comic who’s been taking down arrogant doucefucks for a living for the past 10 years, or a pissed up pube-chinned numbskull? Pwnd.

The Death of the Double Down – Epic Meal Time

You know those times when your heart just feels like it’s pumping too much, you just want to clog it up a bit with transfats. Show that healthy hunk of life-giving organ who’s boss. A time like that calls for a sandwich stack so epic, even Scooby and Raggy would look at it with goggle-eyed […]

WTF Japan

Is your day too sane? Finding the world a little too normal? Where’s that weird round blob fishing and making cute noises you say? Well don’t panic, it’s here. Look. Yeah, that’s it. Weird aye. Smoke a strong one before watching it and watch your brain cripple with unholy fear.


It can be confusing to describe a balloon race across the internet. And that’s not because it’s a confusing game, it’s just because it’s a balloon race. Across the internet. The race course that all the balloons fly through is made up of loads and loads of websites. Each website has the race course floating […]

Black Man Loves Pokemon

Pokemon are off the fucking chain, mofos! This badass bitch ass gangster dude can’t get enough of his Pokemon, the real street heroes. Don’t mess with this guy and don’t mess with his Pokemon, because he knows they will fuck you up. Especially Pikachu. Oh, and Jigglypuff’s hot, yo.

Tache tags for Movember

It’s that time of year again where men around the world abandon all shame and set about grooming a ‘tache to raise awareness of prostrate cancer. And now the time-honoured art of the ‘tache meets the modern phenomenon of Twitter. Upload daily shots of your wonderful whiskers to Twitter using twitpic, yfrog or, with […]

How To Deal With Awkward Situations

You can’t really argue with this comic. Follow it like you would the rule of law.