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Posts on ‘October 22nd, 2010’

Running Keanu Saves Sad Keanu

You know that Sad Keanu meme. Well here’s the time paradox Keanu meme where camp-running Keanu has been sent back in time using Liberace’s piano (he even out camps Steven Seagal in the running stakes, looking like Elton in a field of tents), to stop him from eating a sandwich. Or taking his own life. […]

Shock! Horror! Severed Head Lives!

Oh it’s nothing, just some Soviet scientists in the 1940s experimenting with severed heads and bringing dead animals back to life. What? You mean you’ve never done that with Fluffy your childhood bunny? Oh come on! Don’t be such a pussy. Who doesn’t want the severed head of their dead pet twitching back to unholy […]