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Posts from ‘October, 2010’

Time Traveller in 1928?

Take a look at this footage that’s been doing the rounds, a large “woman” at the premier of Charlie Chaplin’s film Circus, found when filmmaker George Clarke from Belfast was watching the extras on the DVD, is talking into her hand. So, is it a mobile phone or a tiny person trapped inside a DeLorean […]

Funky Forest – Youth Classroom

WTF Japan? WTF!!!??? Does the whole country get baptised in lysergic acid? Even by William Burroughs’s standards this is fucking weird. You need to watch Naked Lunch just to come down from this and feel normal.

Star Wars Yoga

Most freaks who love Star Wars have greasy hair, smell of basement mould, are as annoying as Jar-Jar Binks on helium, and have faces that look like Yoda’s nutsack. You won’t get them doing exercise, but if somehow you tied it into their favourite film series. Hmm…

Toy Music

Using 12 different cheap kids’ toys as his instruments, the Mystery Guitar Man recreates the iconic soundtrack of Springfield as a weird trinket symphony. Among his instruments of choice is a fake cell phone, a kazoo, a miniature horn and a light-up turtle.

Scaring The Crap Out OF Your Friends!

Halloween’s approaching, which means lots of girls in skimpy clothes — bonus — and you get to scare the living crap out of your buddies and little bro, and no one can bust your ass for it. But instead of having to go about the labourious business of setting up a trick, use this instead […]

Sir Ian Bowler on Tuition Fees & the CSR

So, that spending review from the Tories has caused quite a sensation. That end of space-time? The death of future? Who knows, so if you are a little confused by what’s going on, have a listen to this little ditty and you may become enlightened. Basically, we’re all fucked.

Running Keanu Saves Sad Keanu

You know that Sad Keanu meme. Well here’s the time paradox Keanu meme where camp-running Keanu has been sent back in time using Liberace’s piano (he even out camps Steven Seagal in the running stakes, looking like Elton in a field of tents), to stop him from eating a sandwich. Or taking his own life. […]

Shock! Horror! Severed Head Lives!

Oh it’s nothing, just some Soviet scientists in the 1940s experimenting with severed heads and bringing dead animals back to life. What? You mean you’ve never done that with Fluffy your childhood bunny? Oh come on! Don’t be such a pussy. Who doesn’t want the severed head of their dead pet twitching back to unholy […]

Sean Stephenson Dance Party Video

Will you look at this happy chappy, he’s got like some totally sick dance moves. He’s grabbed life by its swinging testes and swung high and true on them, up where the angels play and God gives you a knowing wink, and the air is thin but fresh.

Lack of Belief in Gods

Militant atheists, they’re everywhere. Stuck in their own reality tunnel just like you and me. So what if someone believes in the Flying Spag Monster or King Kong or fairies living in their gums. Who gives a shit.

A Crazy Man’s VCR Collection

Oooo-K. You know this guy’s crazy from a variety of tell tale signs. So if you ever find yourself back at a stranger’s house — for whatever reason, we ask no questions here — then always look out for the following: a) Monk bowlhead haircut and b) a massive VCR collection. This guy has both […]

Nevermind Explained

If you grew up in the grungy 1990s, part of those Generation Xers who slacked off and pondered Sartre over a game of shithead, then you’ll know Nirvana’s album “Nevermind”. What you won’t know is what was on the end of that fishing line with the dollar attached. Well, guess who?

Drunk Guy Dancing to “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

Oh. Dear. Me. The Minnesota State Fair, a place to get totally ripped, throw caution to the wind of change, forget about a little thing called YouTube, and just cut loose and bust some fabulous moves like it was your birth right. Then reap the humiliation. In the Age Of Internet no where is safe. […]

A Miner Disappointment

Poor old Pedobear, travelling all the way to the desert uplands of Chile for some action, only to discover a bunch of fat old Chilean men in sunglasses. Mission not accomplished. Major fail.

The One Cent Experiment!

Talk about a ‘tight’ chick! – See a penny, pick it up, then a bunch of strangers in bunny costumes, banging drums, singing and dancing like a marching band of merry freaks come out of nowhere and scare the crap out of you. Thank God she didn’t take any psychedelics that morning, otherwise this could’ve […]

Helping Johnny Remember

Holy mother of all that is right and good in this sick, rotten world. What ungodly, cursed fresh voodoo hell is this? It’s like the devil took a shit and turned it into a film. That’s how fresh it is. Bad times.

This Is England: The Musical (by Dan Bull)

If you live in the UK, or even if you don’t, you may’ve come across a film called This Is England about a group of skinhead neo-fascists, who aren’t really neo-fascists, well one of them kind of is, but the others are just sweet youths trying to get through the end of a decade of […]

Simpsons Couch Gag by Banksy

Well this Simpsons couch gag takes a decidedly dark turn. The Simpsons merchandise machine is a place where a unicorn’s horn is used for making holes in the middle of CDs, decapitated dolphins lick the seal for taping boxes shut, kittens are used to stuff Bart toys, and pandas are treated like slaves. It can […]

Lil Esther

Well, this is rather disturbing. A little girl walking about asking people about donkey punches, a dirty sanchez and other degenerate sex acts. Something’s not right here, after watching this clip you’ll feel the need to scrub yourself in an acid shower with a razor blade.

A Day In The Park

So there you are, you want to get out of the house. So you take a stroll through the park, get some fresh air, what’s the worst that might happen? It’s not like you’re going to munch on some psychedelic poisonous shrooms that will send you tripping into a world of mindfucking insanity. Oh wait, […]