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Posts from ‘September, 2010’

Which Girl Should I Choose?

It’s a dilemma many of us face. Should I choose Becca, Vanessa, Ally or Amber? Decisions, decisions. Thank the good Lord that someone like Mikeyjam’s on hand to help sort shit out. The man is a master of problem solving, he’s like a problem solving ninja sent from the planet Playa. You should heed his […]

Norwegian Recycling – Miracles

If you like mash-ups, then you’ll be fond of this uber-mega-behemoth of a remash-ix boot-arm. Taking in Gnarls Barkley, Britney Spears, MJ, Snoop Dogg, Survivor, Taylor “Muthafucking” Swift. Just think of the time and energy it took to produce this. Done thinking? Probably not that long, aye.

When Does a Dream Become a Nightmare?

Is it the point where the dead fetus of a human-headed Tyrannosaurus Rex starts talking to you in Hindi, or when the ants start eating your body which is then consumed in flames of blood? Or is it a kids’ TV show slowed down to induce ketamine-like brain change? *gulp*

World’s Strangest Hair Cutting Technique

Everything else has its extreme version, like ironing, fapping, sleeping. Why not hair cutting? But putting yellow tape all over your face and body just makes it looks like some crime has been committed behind there. The crime of being such a fucktard that this is how you get your haircut.

Keanu Mega-Meme

And to the universe’s delight, it continues. The newest Keanu pose, this time he’s eating a cupcake, gets added to all those others and the result is something so incredible it’s like a blow job from God.

Steven Seagal Sings Reggae

This is what you’ve been looking for without actually knowing it, the one and only 7th-dan black belt reincarnated Buddhist badass singing reggae, sounding ridiculous and saying the word poonani. Your life is now complete.

Laundry day

If you need a bit of WTF in your day, along with the joy of the strange then this will give you both. Rejoice in its randomness and then question why you yourself do not possess a magical item that can transform you into an almighty cosmic being.

Search Skills (Or Lack of)

Yeah, it’s frustrating watching a family member who’s not used to browsing the web with ubiqu-Google. But you know what’s even more annoying? Having someone hovering over your shoulder while you’re trying to type. Guaranteed to make you commit mistake after mistake.

Strong Peyote

Holy moobs! Jack Nicholson just doesn’t give a fuck, does he? Eating his sammich proudly showing off those flabby man boobs. But hey, he’s Jack. Moobs or no moobs he’s the man.


It’s like the very fabric of the universe has been pierced and now reality is eating itself and collapsing. Like that Simpsons episode when Homer goes through a portal and ends up in 3D and then he pierces the 3D world and ends up on Earth. Take that ya lousy dimension. ZEROING from andrey nepomnyaschev […]

Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.” (MC R-Tard Remix)

As harmonious as a wheelchair clad in cymbals falling down an escalator into a pile of saucepans. But if you don’t try you don’t succeed. So now she knows: She is fail, fail becomes her. Fail is seeping out of her mouth with each successive word. Fail is rising like a tsunami of underachievement which […]

5 Monkeys

OK, take a monkey (or Glenn Beck, both are the same). No wait, take 5 Glenn Becks. OK. Now say they’re traveling along a road on a car that looks like a banana. Now approaching them in the opposite direction is The Banana Splits. Tell me, would Glenn Beck masturbate?

What’s Up Dudes!

Yo-ho-ho-yo! Look at this guy! Vote for this guy. Emulate this guy. BE this guy. Want this guy. Need this guy. Love this guy. Hurt this guy. Beat this guy. Take a giant shit on this guy. He is you. He is douche.

Baby Got Beat!

After watching Hit Girl in Kick-Ass I lie awake at night & worry that every little girl in pig tails is gonna suddenly freeze frame, get a manic glint in her eye, before swearing like a sailor who’s been refused shore leave and start attacking everyone in the room like a midget ninja from planet […]

The Bit-52s – “Rock Lobster”

When robots and retro computer parts collide you get this tribute to The B52s, only filtered through electronics. I, for one, welcome our new circuit-based musical overlords. Time to move that mechanical shell like it was 3000AD while dancing the robot and: Speak. Like. A. Da-ah-lek.

City of Toronto E Waste – Chuck & Vince

You got old electronics from an age when computers were the size of a wall? Hey, I think these guys might want it. I can’t be sure though, so you’re best off watching their ad just to be completely safe. Recycling your electronics? They want it like a speaker up the ass!

inter // states

Time-lapse always looks cool. You can’t go wrong with it really. Yeah it can be overused and abused, but not here. Here we have city of the future Tokyo flashing before our eyes in a sea of neon colours and streaks of light set to the tune of “Paradigm Flux” by Woob. One word: AKIRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! […]

Kirby Krackle – “Zombie Apocalypse”

Nerd rock is how this band style themselves, and if that’s how they (rock n’) roll, then why the fuck not. In this zombie apocalypse animation by Damon O’Keefe and Daisy Church we get pop cultural references in abundance, like X-Men boxers, and stuff. And the band are playing a ukulele. I’ll see you after […]


If you’re feeling in any way miserable today. I dunno, maybe you stubbed your toe or they didn’t have your brand of cereal in the shop this morning. Something devastating like that. Well, then this’ll cheer up. Scroll on.

Hey, Baby!

This guy’s got the creepy pedo-grin down to a kind of nth level mastery. I can’t look at his leering smile without feeling like I’ve just been molested by a phallic-ridden Manga monster who’s come to steal my childhood memories and sell them to sex traffickers in Asia. Kudos.