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Posts on ‘June 17th, 2010’

GOAL! McMental – 6 Billion Euro Football Man

Shield your eyes, for it’s the psychotropic experience that is Jox McRox. And this time he’s bionic. In this season of soccer who better than this orange-afro haired, pot-bellied Scotsman to take to the field, rapping, rhyming, DJing, wooing the laydeez, and blinding us with his skillz. Your World Cup just got better.

VUVUZELA! (A Song By Dan Bull)

So, the vuvuzela, a contentious issue, the Marmite factor of the World Cup, you love it or hate it. Personally, I’d rather hear the distraught cries of starving orphans and the squelch of kittens being crushed by frightened elephants, but I suppose if you were to defend them they bring instant atmosphere. Dan Bull doesn’t […]