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Posts from ‘March, 2010’

Avatar 2 Trailer – Hungry Beast

It was a time for sequels, it was a time for plagiarism, it was time for Avatar 2. This looks epic.

Little Chatroulette Bastard

This kid’s already trolling at 8 years old. There’s hope for humanity yet.

Google Suggest Divides

It’s official, we’re all a bunch of ronnery, incestuous, unedumacated randy freaks – at least according to the Google. Sweet.

Inglourious Basterds – “Camera Angel”

This woman is Geraldine Brezca, 2nd assistant camera or clapper loader, and known by Quentin Tarantino as his Camera Angel. And she is awesome.

The Wasp

This is some sound advice. Whatever you do don’t barricade yourself against a nest of wasps by stacking up cans of soft drink. They love that shit, like a red rag to a bull.

Plastic Bag

This is an interesting short film by Ramin Bahrani, about a plastic bag and its epic journey across the barren landscapes of America searching for its maker. But this isn’t just any plastic bag, not like the ones that douche from American Beauty was filming. No, this plastic bag has the voice of filmmaker Werner […]

SpongeBob On Drugs

This is your SpongeBob, and this is your SpongeBob on drugs. And there’s not a fried egg in sight. Personally, I can’t tell the difference.

What A Wonderful World (Death Metal Version)

Louis Armstrong is a great musician and What A Wonderful World is a classic, but I can’t help thinking it could use a little something. You know? Like some growling vocals, high-speed tempo changes and distorted guitars that sound like Satan farting. Which is just what this band, The Markness, have done. DEVIL HORN!!!!!!

Another Crazy Japanese Commercial

It’s just a bipedal mutt, nothing to worry about – only the collective collapse of our minds. I mean, Snoopy did it and no one ran screaming into the night then. If countries were drugs, Japan would be ketamine injected into your adrenal glands. This is the only advert I’ve seen where I’ve suffered a […]

Four Lions

Modern day Islamic terrorism involves eating sim cards, Pakistan, TMNTs, blowing up internet and no “tramp up a mountain”. At least according to Christ Morris’s first feature. Have your cake and eat it.

Chargy Bargy: Grand Slam from O2

Choose your team, choose your opponent, puff up your chest, catch the ball and run for it! Charge yourself up and knock down as many opponents as you can while avoiding others. Get a high score to win some awesome prizes

Epic Fail

4chan claims another sucker. When will they learn…

Defence Spending

This is what half the military budget goes on, I reckon.

Keep on Truckin’

Er…yo! Mr Truck Driver you seem to have a little something stuck on your grill. Oh no it’s OK, it’s just a Renault Clio. WTF!?

Dr Jesus Trott – The Revenge Trailer

Forgive and forget? Not this Jesus. Not in this lifetime. The Son of God is pissed off, biblically, and he wants blood. Christianity just got uglier.

Chuck Norris – AKA Ned Flanders the Bible Thumper

Oh. Dear. So it’s legal to teach kids what amounts to nursery rhymes as truth? F#ck, why don’t we teach kids that a giant green panda with candy eyes and arms made from love created the universe by sh#tting marshmallows and fluffy clouds out of its butt. No Chuck, NO! Somebody set a godless Satanic […]

The Big Lebowski Alignment Chart

“Fuck sympathy! I don’t need your fuckin’ sympathy, man, I need my fucking johnson!” Quite.

Darth Being A Douche

Behind that dark and foreboding figure who tortures his own daughter and is complicit in the destruction of her home planet, behind the wanton dispassionate choking of his own henchmen, lies a practical joker who just likes to wind people up. Lolz.

I’m On A Boat – Goatmill (Death metal cover)

Bring your daughters to the slaughter, turn it up one louder, distort those guitars, bang them drums and head bang your way through your neighbour’s wall. There’s only one word to describe this and that is: BRUTAL!!!! Fuck. Yee-ah!


This won the Oscar for Best Animated Short 2010 – it’s great fun and a worthy award winner methinks. Made by François Alaux, Herve de Crecy and Ludovic Houplain.