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Animals | GLYDE Condoms

So it seems condoms are tested on horses before they get to us. Or something.

Window Surprise

There’s no way on earth you’ll be able to guess what’s going on outside this guy’s window. Go on, give it a try.
Nope, wrong.

‘The Hell is Going On in This Front Porch?’

Coming to a Disney movie near you soon.

Shock! Horror! Severed Head Lives!

Oh it’s nothing, just some Soviet scientists in the 1940s experimenting with severed heads and bringing dead animals back to life. What? You mean you’ve never done that with Fluffy your childhood bunny? Oh come on! Don’t be such a pussy. Who doesn’t want the severed head of their dead pet twitching back to unholy [...]

Redneck Redemption

Remember that scene in the movie Deliverance? Nah, not that one with the Dueling Banjos, but the other one, in the woods with the rednecks, and that fat guy who looks like a pig. Yeah, exactly, harrowing wasn’t it. Well, now the tables have been turned as a redneck gets a taste of what it [...]