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Rémi Gaillard Indulges in Some Free Sex

How to score with the pretty ladies, the “so ronery” way.

Piers Morgan Says Good-bye to America

So much wishful thinking in this video. So, so much.

Action Movie Kid: Grappling Gun

The benefits of having a dad who works as a VFX artist for DreamWorks.

Check out some other vids the guy did below.


Lets face it, who really needs 4 wheels on a car?

Biff’s Question Song

Biff from the Back to the Future movies gets asked a lot of the same questions from his time on those films. So he’s made a song to answer them all—and it’s fantastic.

How to Get a Baby Phone Toy to Curse

Kids these days, totally spoilt—back when we were young we had to shout motherfucker with our own mouths.

Gearing Up - Supercut

You’re about to kick some alien/invading army/bad guy’s butt, so what do you need to do? Gear the fuck up muthafuckers.

Ha Ha Ha (Horror Monsters Laughing Compilation)

This is proof that monsters have got a sense of humor. And that it’s completely terrifying.

Dog Vs. Teddy Bear

The dog is scared shitless of this teddy bear. Literally.

Gary the Goat Goes to the Children’s Playground

Meanwhile, in Australia…

This Toy Cat is Perfect Nightmare Fuel

Sweet dreams aren’t made of this.

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney’s Destino

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaborated on a short animation back in 1946 which was never completed—until 2003 when Walt’s nephew Roy brought it back to life. Who knew?

Cyanide & Happiness - Too Early

A guy gets a second chance at life when he dies before his time. But his second chance really doesn’t last that long.

The Hobbit - The Dwarves Cover Beat It

The Auralnauts expose the Dwarves of Middle Earth as big fans of Michael Jackson.

I Miss My Vibrator

The best nine seconds you’ll spend today.

South Park - Canadian Puberty Video

Canadian puberty sounds all kinds of weird—be on the look out for these signs, in case you’re a closet Canadian.

Guy Pranks His Dad, His Dad Pranks Back

This guy will never, ever think about pranking his dad ever again.

The Record Collector

Spot on satire about that annoying friend everyone has who’s obsessed with vinyl.

The Muppets Sing Rainbow Connection

The man of a thousand cartoon voices, Brock Baker, proves he should defo be in the next Muppets movie.

The Gurn is Strong

Just a couple of gurning champs who got kicked out of a club and are now headed to the casino. God help that casino.