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Chinese Hospitals Introduce Hands-Free Automatic Sperm Extractor


Luis Suarez the World Cup Zombie

Claymation animator Lee Hardcastle shows us what really went down in the Uruguay vs. Italy match.

MTV Cribs Helmand Style

Forget your luxurious mansions, this is how they pimp it out in Helmand Province.

Kung Fu Fighting Drills Don’t Work

Listen up as Master Ken tells you why “lap sao” does nothing to train you for real combat.

Two Kids Fight with Sex Toys

So this is where dildos teach you how to responsibly own a gun.

During Commercial Break: Ricky Gervais

Here’s what Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Fallon do during commercial break.

Disneyland Death Stare

This guy knows.

Epic Shark Week Commericial—King of Summer

This is really cruel to those sharks, they’re a protected species, you can’t stand on top of them!

School Band Weezer Cover Ends Disastrously

They could’ve been contenders.

The Swaggest Rap Song Ever

Altogether now, “Pussy pussy pussy marijuana-juana, pussy pussy pussy marijuana!”

Honest Indian Flights, a Parody Video

If everyone on an airplane said what was on their mind, this would be the result.

Dutch Girl Crowd Surfing Fail

Wait until you see the guy’s reaction face at the end too.

WWE Announcers Dubbed Over Really Drunk Concert Goer

The only thing bad about this is it’s far too short.

Two Cats Meet For The First Time

First meetings are always kinda awkward.

Things You’re Doing Wrong Every Day: Everything

A very angry guy calls out what’s wrong with all those dumb-ass lifehacks.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Doing Voices And Cracking Up

South Park looks like it’s as much fun to work on as you thought.

Ridiculously OTT Road Safety Commercial

This is how they scare the crap out of drivers in Northern Ireland.

Fat Kid Bike Stunt Fail

This is why fat kids should never go out. Because of they fall over they die.

Motorcycle Show Off Goes Bad

This is why you should never show off and do a wheelie near a swimming pool. #epicfail

Star Wars Musical (Disney Parody)

The world’s of Disney characters and Star Wars collide.