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Feeding Time for Calcifer

Subtitles make everything better…..

Horse thinks it’s all about that bass.

Proof that horses have no idea about good music….or bass.

Benedict Cumberbatch Can’t Say the Word ‘Penguin’

But he can say “Pengwings.”

Best Marriage Proposal FAIL EVER!!!

Well, that ended badly….

Watch the Crazy Trailer for Cat Sick Blues

After his cat dies, a man goes on a murderous rampage to try and bring him back. I don’t even.

This Guy’s Really Not Enjoying His First Plane Ride

Dave’s 29 and never been on a plane before. He’ll probably never want to get back on one either.

Mario Gore

One day all classic retro games will be made like this!

Frog TV

This TV channel is guaranteed to keep all your garden frogs entertained for hours..

The Creative Process

Featuring… The Cheat, The Procrastinator, The Organizer, The Plagiarist and The Muse.

Don’t Drink and Dance (DUI Stop)

New police dance enforcement policy seems to be working.

How To Play Oceans On The Drums

Christian rock that really, actually, rocks.

How Else Would it Get in There?

Yep kids….mommies eat babies. Be afraid!

Shakespeare Recital FAIL

No chairs were harmed in the making of this video. Except one.

Marv Turns One

Just wait for it.

Dryer Plays a Ridiculously Long Song

Well, at least his dryer plays a song.

Mother F*cker Phone

Get one for your child immediately.

Street Fighter Literally

It’s the streets versus people—who will be victorious?

What’s Under Your Bed?

It’s worse than you could’ve possibly imagined.

I am the Onus

Hypno-cat is your new master. M-U-S-T O-B-E-Y.

Air Castle Blown Away on Beach (Katamari Edit)

This about Level 3 or 4 of Katamari Damacy.