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Superman Punch Through Wall

That escalated quickly.

This Is Who Really #BrokeTheInternet

Forget Kim and her big butt being responsible, it was Jen who broke the internet.

Tow Truck Epic Fail

Total bad day at the office.

Dog vs Tater Tot - The Translation

A dog does everything in his power to get the elusive Tater Tot.

Cat Makes Epic Leap

This pretty much sums up my life.

South Park - Please Drink Responsibly


Bird Imitating R2D2

Or does R2D2 imitate this bird?

Sousaphone Lightsaber Battle

Hope these are in the new Star Wars movie.

Guy Tries to Make Own Sparkling Wine

Does it work? Well, not really.

Every Business Meeting Ever

The characters that populate every meeting ever. Which one are you?

Guy Passes Out Doing 360° Skydiving

Go skydiving they said. You’ll really enjoy it they said.

Rap Artist “Presto Flo” Falls into Sea During Photo Shoot

It’s Presto vs. the wind and the wind wins.

Computer Man

I think IT Specialist or Data network Engineer is the preferred term, but Computer Man will do.

TV Presenter Waka Waka


Lamborghini Aventador Catches Fire

That’s what happens when you show off.

The Calling

Happy Halloween.

New Zealand Drug Driving Ad

Yeah, that waving cat gets me every time too.

Greatest Dog Trick Ever

All dogs should know this trick as standard.

Russian Soccer Fans Mass Brawl

Soccer fans from Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg meet for a 76 man brawl on a snowy highway.

Little Girl’s Flutterbye Fairy Goes Bye-Bye Into Fire

A valuable life lesson is learned here.