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Paranormal Pugtivity

We need to go deeper…….

Warning: Swans hate selfies!

And they have very sharp beaks, so watch out!

Nature Hates Selfies

Just remember what Mother N. has at her disposal to deal with this crime.

Blonde Struggles with Easiest Math Question Ever

And this is why math is a biatch, especially if you are a blonde.

Lava Hotsprings High Dive Accident

Give this lady a gold medal!

15 Month Old Toddler Controls 500 People

Mind control’s a biatch!

Smooth Criminal

This sneaky raccoon steals food from cats like a BOSS!

Finger or Dick?

A great game that all couples should play.

Drunk Girl Tries To Use Door

Might help if she opened her eyes.

Social Media in a Nutshell

Nailed it.

Smartest Man On Earth

One day you too could be as smart as this guy.

Bucket Of Rice - TV Spot

Man, needs to get me some buckets of rice.

A Message from Dr. B.L. Gregory

She’s a witch! Burn her. BURN HER!

Does Penis Size Matter?

There’s good news and bad news.

Trying Hard Now, It’s So Hard Now

Oh man. This guy’s definitely not having kids. Which is a good thing.

Not Handsome

Baldness and handsomeness just don’t go together.

Girl High After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Removed Wants Sex With Ryan Gosling

Is this real life?

“It Can Go Right Across the Lawn if You Fly it Right”

And right into dad’s face.

Hot Tub Cadillac

A 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille turned into a fully functioning drivable hot tub.

Toy Story 5 Trailer [OFFICIAL]

It looks amazing.