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Sarah: “Active” - video diary goes wrong!!!

Lesson learned here - NEVER go into Sarah’s garden

Sheep vs Cyclist

The shame of losing to a a sheep must be unbearable.

PAX East 2010 knuckle crack

Arthritis, arthritis everywhere!

Paranormal Pugtivity

We need to go deeper…….

Warning: Swans hate selfies!

And they have very sharp beaks, so watch out!

Nature Hates Selfies

Just remember what Mother N. has at her disposal to deal with this crime.

Lava Hotsprings High Dive Accident

Give this lady a gold medal!

15 Month Old Toddler Controls 500 People

Mind control’s a biatch!

Smooth Criminal

This sneaky raccoon steals food from cats like a BOSS!

Anti Masturbation PSA

Prepare to be scarred for life.

Creepy Horror Short “Fun With Black Bulbs”

Lee Hardcastle shows a simple trick you can do with black bulbs. But then things go a bit strange…

Weird Perspective Painting Found in Windsor, England

Prepare for your mind to be blown.

Bizarre Japanese Ad for WonderCore Ab Machines

If you never want to get hurt again AND get great abs, you need this in your life.

Tourist Video Captures Gator-Feeding Frolic

It’s only a matter of time before one of these gators rips the guy’s head off.

UndeadTeds Special ‘Peek-a Boo’ Edition

Something to buy the kids, if you want them to be mentally scarred for the rest of their lives.

What’s In The Box!?

The lesson here is if you’re unsure of something it’s probably a prank, so best to send your friend in first.

Angel’s Bonus Technique

You’ll never look at a grapefruit the same way again. In fact you’ll never look at anything the same way again *shudder*

Deadly Croc Game

The people playing this are either really stupid or really brave. Or both.

Nipple Shot By Pellet Gun

There’s no way that this isn’t going to be incredibly painful for the guy. It’s painful enough to watch.

Truck Driver Takes Down Motorcyclist

There’s teaching someone a lesson in driving the wrong way towards oncoming traffic, and then there’s nearly killing someone.