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“Coming Out To My Mom”

Powerful stuff. Very moving.

Akala - Fire In The Booth 2

Like rap, but good.

Miss Travel

Hilarious but worryingly real.

Bullet Proof Glass Test

Only one way to test this; Let’s shoot at my wife!

Republican Rap Battle

Dan Bull makes the republican presidential debate a little more tuneful.

7th heaven pot smoking episode

It’s the Devil’s harvest, son. No good will come of it.

Santorum the Spermicidal Maniac

Let’s hope this man becomes president of the free world ASAP!

Stop The Pain!


Cassette Boy Vs. The News

Childish but glorious.

Vote The Canada Party - Election 2012

The day you LOL at politics is the day you realize what it feels like to be an adult….or was that America, eh!?

Wolf Mystery is Revealed

November 2011 saw some strange occurrences in London. The arrival of a mysterious circus from Georgia coincided with videos surfacing online that appeared to show wild wolves at large across the capital. Meanwhile, a Dakov Circus van was seen and heard on the streets of London, growls and howls emanating from inside. But all was [...]

American Soldiers Are WAKING UP

And they’re not liking the smell of napalm in the morning.

Peace Talks

Words vs bullets - who’s going to win? Well when they’re flying out of two guys’ mouths then probably the words, at least according to this world-wide appeal for ‘International alert’. These two might want to take a closer look at their diet, whatever it is they’re eating is causing some strange symptoms. Thank god [...]

Dan Fanelli Ad

Racist? Bigot? Sexist? You bet Dan Fanelli is. Vote him in if you hate your country.

Looters Hit 10 Downing Street!

Britain was falling into anarchy and its political leaders were sunbathing and eating focaccia. So thank God that Dave’s back, just a shame he didn’t turn his back and see the looters nicking his stuff while he was giving a press conference.

Psycho Dog Man

‎”They came bounding over, rarrararaaarerrraarar!”

Phallic Symbols at Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is the San Fernando Valley of airports, with its abundance of penises hidden in various paintings. Or maybe this guy’s just got a penis-shaped mind.

Shaun of the Dead - Done in 60 Seconds

Everyone’s favourite zomromcom gets an abridged version. Basically he starts out starring in a sitcom called Spaced, makes a zombie movie, next thing you know he’s in Mission Impossible and the Star trek movie and BAM! The nerdy guy becomes a Hollywood actor. The end.

Zombie Walk Against Governor Walker

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk Madison, Wisconsin.

Morbid Curiosity Leading Many Voters To Support Palin

It gets us all in the end. First it came for our pets, and we stood aside and watched. Then it came for our children and we let it consume them. Now it’s come for our voters. To the battle stations!!