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Voice of Winnie the Pooh Reads Star Wars as Darth Vader

Every phase of your childhood wrapped into one.

Gearing Up - Supercut

You’re about to kick some alien/invading army/bad guy’s butt, so what do you need to do? Gear the fuck up muthafuckers.

Worst Cellphone Ad EVAR

What were LG thinking when they OK’d this ridiculous and awful ad for their new G Flex phone? How much acid had they taken?

Street Fighter Red Tape: Vega

That deadly claw could be a bit of a problem when it’s called hand-to-HAND combat.

Flappy Bird in a Box

Missed downloading Flappy Bird? No worries, build yourself a physical version using a cardboard box!

Crazy Piano Keyboard Shuffle

Keyboard Cat better watch out, he’s got some competition in the shape of a baby and a whole bunch of other people who are having a collective jamming session on the Yamaha’s b series piano.

Things I Learnt Playing COD Online

You’ll leave the game knowing much more about your mother than you probably want to.

If Hoth Hosted The Winter Olympics

You know you really want this to happen…

Best Navi Cosplay

All the components of Navi are here, right down to being really, really annoying.

GTA 5 Online - Such a Bad Day

If you think you’re having a shit time playing GTA 5 online, at least you’re not this guy. The big loser.

Star Trek Trailer: Derp Edition

To boldly derp where no derp has derp, derp, DERP!

LEGO The Truth About Ewoks

Behind their teddy bear exterior, lies the digestive tract of a man eater.

Honest Action - Home Alone

A real doctor looks at what physical scars the robbers from Home Alone would actually suffer, had they experienced the tortuous traps from Macaulay Culkin for real.

Tauriel Legolas and Thranduil’s Reaction to Fans’ Reaction

If you wanted to know what elves did in their spare time, they do what we all do: watch YouTube.

A Doctor Who Christmas

A story about a man, Doctor Who, Christmas, Doctor Who, Christmas and Doctor Who.

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone

Kirby Ferguson’s awesome series gets a stand alone case study where Kirby looks at the iPhone, and whether it was a huge leap or simply a remix of others devices and technologies.

Homemade Death Ray Laser Drone Bot

The perfect present idea for your friend’s 3 year old kid.

Every Fighting Game, Ever

Freddie Wong breaks down what happens in pretty much every fighting game evar.

Honest Trailers - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

“A totally expected letdown.”

Governor’s Creek

The Walking Dead meets Dawson’s Creek as David Morrissey’s the Governor contemplates life alone by his pond.