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Eminem - “Mom’s Spaghetti” (Music Video)

Much better than the original.

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band at Glastonbury 2014

This is horrible. I would honestly rather listen to Rebecca Black. No joke.

School Band Weezer Cover Ends Disastrously

They could’ve been contenders.

The Swaggest Rap Song Ever

Altogether now, “Pussy pussy pussy marijuana-juana, pussy pussy pussy marijuana!”

Dutch Girl Crowd Surfing Fail

Wait until you see the guy’s reaction face at the end too.

Guy Replaces Britney Spears With Himself In her Videos

This guy is just about to become your new hero.

Hodor in da House—Games Of Thrones Theme Remix

Needs more Hodor.

Snapchat Song Covers

Boredom is fantastic fuel for creativity.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time - House Theme Acapella

Nintendo should hire this guy.

Limmy Discusses Curious Dad Rapper Pitbull

WTF is this rapper and why does he look like an escaped Mexican criminal?

One Direction - One Thing (Shred) by SamRick

This must be what they sounded like at the concert they did right after they smoked that joint.

Dubstep Face Making

Say what you like but this guy has talent.

Kunt and the Gang - Fapping Over A X-Rated Polaroid Of An Ex-Girlfriend

Safe to say this video’s probably going to be NSFW, unless you work in the offices of Kunt and the Gang.

Canadian Guy Challenges Jimmy Fallon to a Lip Sync Battle

A challenger appears! This guy will destroy him.

Cattle Auctioneer, the New Rap God

The dopest auctioneer man there ever was.

Brian Williams’ Rapping is Ludacris

Brian Williams told The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon about how much he loved the mashup rap videos they produce, so they made his dream come true when he requested Ludacris’ “Rollout.”

Brian Williams Raps “Gin and Juice”

The NBC news anchor shows he’s got his mind on his money and his money on his mind.

Vine Symphony - Pharrell’s “Happy”

Rob Scallon uses Vine as a loop station to mess with your head in a performance of Pharrell’s joyful track.

EDM Babies Dancing

These babies are total casualties—but they definitely know how to party.

What DJs Do These Days…

There’s some serious button pushing going on here.