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Sochi 2014 Speed Skating Mario Kart Edition

The men’s 500m speed skating final gets reimagined (finally!) as a level from Mario Kart: Double Dash.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘South Park’

Sure you may watch it religiously, but did you know the show was originally made as a video Christmas card?

How I Almost Killed Grandpa with the Internet

Look on the brightside Grandpa, you can check out goatse when you wake up.

If Hoth Hosted The Winter Olympics

You know you really want this to happen…

Eye Piece

You won’t believe your eyes.


Another highly dsiturbing video from Cyriak, this time with added mutating vaginal chimp monster.

Team Snow Fortress

Corridor Digital reimagine Team Fortress 2 as a snowball fight.

GTA 5 Online - Such a Bad Day

If you think you’re having a shit time playing GTA 5 online, at least you’re not this guy. The big loser.

The Big Lebowski - 8 Bit Cinema

“Shut the fuck up, Donny!” If only this was an actual, real, playable, buyable, liveable, immersive-ical, holographical, virtual reality video game.

Family Guy - China’s One-Child Policy

Harsh, but true.

The Simpsons Do Studio Ghibli

Simpsons pay tribute to Miyazaki films.

LEGO The Truth About Ewoks

Behind their teddy bear exterior, lies the digestive tract of a man eater.

Tarantino & Friends

Awesome homage to the genius of Quentin Tarantino.

The Simpsons’ Christmas-Themed Couch Gag

Now to spend the rest of the day deciphering all these references.

Beautiful Naked Stop-Motion

It’s not everyday you come across a stop-motion video created using 100 people in their birthday suits.

Eye - Optical illusion

No need for LSD just watch this instead.


GayBar? DoublePecker? They’re all here for some schoolboy snickering. Don’t excuse the pun.

Thanksgiving Twerk-ie

Whoever thought that having Miley Cyrus over for dinner could be possible?

“The Door” by David Shrigley

If you’re drinking anything while watching this, be warned you’re probably going to spit it out.

Light Goes On

Living(?) proof that you’re never too old to skateboard.