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New Zealand Drug Driving Ad

Yeah, that waving cat gets me every time too.

Greatest Dog Trick Ever

All dogs should know this trick as standard.

Russian Soccer Fans Mass Brawl

Soccer fans from Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg meet for a 76 man brawl on a snowy highway.

Little Girl’s Flutterbye Fairy Goes Bye-Bye Into Fire

A valuable life lesson is learned here.

Chatroulette Jesus

It’s confession time.

Woman Fails Extinguisher Training

Fastest Geisha makeover ever.

Homemade Motorboat

Christ. This guy’s got some skils.

The Captcha

This is EXACTLY how we all feel when doing a captcha. Nailed it.

Pikachu Goes Extreme Metal

Meshuggah’s “Rational Gaze” perfectly synced with live-action dancing Pikachu.

Gandalf Advises Kids To Do Their Revision

Because if you don’t revise, well. Gandalf will tell you.

Russian Army Super Secret: No Hands Push Ups

Vodka must be involved somehow.

Air Show Remote Control

It has the best ending ever.

Interviewer Loses it During Interview with Surfers

Thank God Jesus was there to rescue those poor swimmers.

Bird Says F*ck You

They think he’s being all friendly, but he’s just getting close enough so they he can hear him.


This cat. What an asshole.

iOS Autocomplete Song

Auto-lyrics actually make more sense than most pop songs.

RKO from outta nowhere - Backflip

Fail videos are always better with wrestling commentary.

Guy Scares Co-Worker Every Chance He Gets (Street Fighter Edition)

“PERFECT!” If you’re ever going to scare a work colleague, this is the only way to do it.

Paul McCartney ‘Head Lice’

A rare, unreleased version of ‘Blackbird’ from The Beatles’ White Album. One for the fans.


Even the babies are some of the most dangerous animals in the world OMG!!!!!