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World’s Most Epic and Hilarious Fight Scene

Not even the Matrix comes close to this.

Stuck On A Lamp Post Prank

Trick your friends into getting stuck on a lampost. Endless fun.

Epic Drift Caught Live on Camera

This is how you deal with a blizzard.

Ed Sheerchin Sings ‘Thinking Out Loud’

An incredible performance.

Man Opens Beer Bottle With His Butt

Now that’s a talent.


MAZINGER will stop at nothing to become the only robot on the entire internet.

Aussie Sniper

The most unreliable sniper in military history.

Lamborghini Huracan Crashes at 200mph

Here’s why you should always stick within the legal speed limit.

Push It To The Limit - Dildo Factory

Do they have quality control?

Spring-Loaded Glitter Bomb Vs. Dad

Son teaches his dad a lesson in opening other people’s mail by sending him a glitter bomb addressed to the son.

Jones Big Ass Truck Rentals & Storage

The highest form of art.

The Queen of Elegance

Man, that’s got to hurt.

WTF Commercial For Milk in a Can

Oh dairy me…

Fishing with Fireworks

Meanwhile, in Sweden…

Bedworld - Best Advert Ever For Beds & Mattresses

‘Sh#t the bed!’

Seth McFarlane Doing Kermit the Frog and Family Guy Voices

Skip to the 5:13 for McFarlane doing Kermit the Frog doing Liam Neeson in Taken.

Greatest Accent Ever

Who knows what he’s saying, but it’s hilarious the way he says it. Frostbit!

Why Tipping Should Be Banned

I’m convinced, let’s make it illegal.

A Horse Passing A LOT of Gas

Sure, blame the horse. Of course those farts are the “horse’s” fault.

Using Magical Powers to Mess With Loud Neighbors

It’s not hacking. It’s magic.