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Wisdom Teeth Ice Bucket Challenge

Probably not the best idea to do the ice bucket challenge right after you’ve had your wisdom teeth taken out—but it makes for entertaining viewing.

Cilla Black Autopsy

Sometime in the distant future…

You Wanna See My Pecker?

If a little bird asks you if you want to see his pecker, always answer yes.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL

Man, that must’ve hurt.

Family Struggles to Fit Couch into Car

They struggle because the car is waaay to small. Idiots.

8-Bit Cinema: Sin City

Someone really needs to make this game.

Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones Theme Song

If you can’t wait for season five of Peter Dinklage, this is a must-see.

Ghanaian Action Movie Trailer

Just check out them special FX.

The London Property Market Is Out Of Control

Secret filming shows just how insane the London property market has got. Shocking.

How To Open a Beer with a BANANA

A simple but must-know trick on how to open beer using just a banana.

Insane Animation From Cyriak

Cyriak’s brought out another insane animation that will warp your brain. In a good way.

WTF is Going on in This Video

Don’t even try to understand this, just embrace it.

Official Prancercise: Fitness with Passion

She is as smart as she is beautiful…….you do the math.

Tarzan Toy Does Something Not Very Child Friendly

The designers of this toy must be secretly laughing that they got this past the execs.

This Cat Doesn’t Care For it’s Owner’s Possessions

It’s just got no respect for other people’s property. Cats these days, huh?

Super Selfie

He must burn an awful lot of calories taking one super selfie.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” / “Happy”

HAHA, Who’s smiling now, eh?

Aug(de)mented Reality- Dialogue Tests

The world is made a better place with a sharpie, white-out, transparency cels, and an iPhone.

How To Have Cybersex On The Internet

A 1997 instructional video on cybersex—follow it to the letter and you’re guaranteed to get cyberlaid.

Not That Hammer Thor!

The downside of having a super hammer.